Jul 4, 2010

Summer Days

Please check out a great site regarding the old Theatre Pavilion:
Actors Colony at Bluffton

vintage postcard, collection Ravenna Museum circa early 1900's ~~ click on photos for larger view


  1. Do you know if or when this Pavilion burnt down and where it was located on the beach, thanks. Have a nice week, this is a great photo.

  2. Margaret, as I understand it the theater pavilion was damaged by lake erosion around 1914 and it was demolished after WWI.
    The dance pavilion was damaged by winter storms and it was torn down around 1930, I believe.

    If you are familiar with Muskegon it was located on the now city beach of Pere Marquette on Beach Street {I go there often}
    You can find much more information, and more postcards of the era on this website: