Mar 21, 2010

Who am I?

Copyright Ravenna Museum, Ravenna Michigan-click on photo for larger view


  1. The barn is full of hay, and judging by the rake (at least I think it must be some type of mechanical rake) parked up outside, they have just finished bringing it in. So that may give a hint as to the time of year.

    Playle's web site guide to Real Photo Postcard styles states that the AZO postcard with "4 triangles pointed up" is from the period 1904-1918, and that would be roughly my guess for this photograph too.

    By the way, the horse's name is "Blaze." ;-)

    Regards, Brett

  2. Brett, thanks for so much input!! Ok you have me curious...the horse's name?????

  3. Sorry, that was just a joke answer to the title of the post - referring to the white blaze on the horse's forehead. Regards, Brett

  4. LOL, don't be sorry! At first I figured that...then I though (like a dork) gee maybe he zoomed into something! haha (laughing at myself!)