Jan 9, 2010

Just Like the Hatfields and McCoys...

Have you ever had a disagreement over something with your neighbor? Did it get heated? Just HOW HEATED was it?

Muskegon Daily Chronicle November 18, 1902 p2 c2


Ravenna, Mich., November 18- Mrs, Fred Dingle, living five miles southwest of Ravenna, came to Ravenna early this morning and notified the authorities that her husband had been shot at by Mrs. Fred Wunsch. The trouble was over a line fence. Sheriff Payne was summoned and arrived here on the noon train.

Fritz Wunsch and Fred Dingle live across the road from each other but Dingle also owns land adjoining Wunsch. Recently Dingle had a survey made and it showed that Wunsch would have to move his house or buy part of Dingle’s land. They could not agree on terms and so this morning four men, including Dingle, began moving the fence. Wunsch ordered them to stop and when they would not Mrs. Wunsch shot at Dingle with a revolver and narrowly missed his head. Dan Toogood siezed the revolver and thenWunsch closed in with an ax, it is said, but this was seized by another man before anyone was hurt.

Sheriff Payne investigated and took the revolver and ax to Muskegon with him.

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Property in question on the lower left side of map---------------->

from the Standard Atlas of Muskegon County Published by Geo A Ogle & Co Publishers 1900

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