Aug 16, 2009

Lightning Strikes!

Last weekend we had a pretty wild thunderstorm with straight line winds clocked at 70-75 mph. We stood on the porch {covered} and watched it all go by. Alot of damage in the area with trees down, property damage and electricity out widespread in Western Lower Michigan, and it made me think of this which I recently found....


Ravenna Woman Will Recover From a Lightning Shock.
(Special to The Evening Press)

Ravenna, Sept. 29. --Lightning struck the residence of Theodore Calcome, near here, knocking out every window in the house and tearing the plaster from the walls. Mrs. Calcome was standing in the pantry. She had just raised one foot when the lightning struck her in the heel that was ou the floor. She was badly shocked, but will recover. Doctors say that if the woman had had both feet on the floor she would have been killed instantly.

Grand Rapids Press September 29, 1904 Grand Rapids Michigan
Transcribed by Holly Spencer (as printed)

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