May 25, 2009

Mappy Monday, Casnovia Township, Muskegon County 1877

Business Notices of 1877, Casnovia Twp:

Township of Casnovia

Abbott, David..Manufr of Hard and Soft wood Lumber, Shingles & e., at Slocum’s Grove. Depot, at Casnovia. Bills titled at short notice. Also, genl Farmer, sec 20
Bettis J. T.. Genl Farmer, sec 32
Cole J.F.. Small Fruit grower and Gardener. Also, Deputy Sheriff, sec 12
Cox L. M... Genl Farmer and Dealer in stock, sec 32
Fraligh C.W... Genl Farmer, making Leicester Sheep growing a specialty
Hutchins, Rollin G..Genl Farmer and Supervisor, sec 25
Hesselline R.K...Genl Farmer, sec 35
Johnson C.W.. Genl Farmer, sec 29
Lewis A.. Genl Farmer, sec 7
Muna A.. Genl Farmer. Also, Dealer in Pine Lumber and Shingles. Res. Canada Corners. Farm on sec 23
Nichols H.M ... Genl Farmer, sec 22
Polite Emery .. Genl Farmer, sec 1
Roberts R. S .. Genl Farmer. Also, Dealer in Pine Lumber and Shingles. Rs, Canada Corners. Farm on sec 23
Shaw Robert .. Genl Farmer. Also, Stone, Brick and Plaster Mason, sec 26
Shute John W.. Genl Farmer. Also, Carpenter and Joiner, sec 36
Twiss John R .. Genl Farmer, sec 12
Welliver Nelson .. Genl Farmer, sec 25
Walker J. T. .. Genl Dealer in all kinds of hardware and Agricultural Implements. Also, Propr of Village Plat of Bailey [sec 12]

County Atlas of Muskegon Michigan, Published by F.W. Beers & Co. NY 1877

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