Apr 26, 2009

It Will Be History, The Bridge On Main Street...Part 2 Rain Delay

Rain, Rain, Rain...

Now I know we need a good rainfall in the spring...but an ocean of water all at once isn't what we wished for! Water is accumulating everywhere, with virtually nowhere left to go. Flood warnings for Muskegon County are now out [not unusual for the area with heavy rains] Rain has been hammering down since Saturday and we expect more rain through Tuesday with potential for a day more later in the week. Varying rainfall totals I have found from Saturday are at 2-3 inches locally, with more to go...amazing what a couple of inches of rain can do.
We have had it worse but what will it look like in a few days if it keeps raining?

Well you know the drill...keep an eye out, however here's what it looks like down at the bridge so far,

click on photo for larger image

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