Mar 26, 2009

War Ration Books

I would like to see a little interaction on this post! I know of and have heard about war ration books and stamps, but know nothing about them first hand. I would like to hear from anyone who has experienced them first hand and can tell me how they were used, and what you may remember about using them.

Artifact courtesy of Ravenna Museum, Ravenna Michigan.


  1. Holly, I really like your blog - very informational & "pleasing to the eye." I'm glad you liked my story about my Gran and WWII. Unfortunately she passed away in 1990, and all I know is what I put in my blog. Have you looked at They have a database of "found" ration books with family names on them. I haven't found my Gran's, but I keep hoping...They have some info on them.

  2. Thanks Caroline for your input on the blog. I haven't gotten much in responses, I wonder sometimes if folks are interested and are thanks for letting me know what you think...I am heading over to genealogytoday and see whats on the site.