Mar 25, 2009

It Will Be History, The Bridge On Main Street Part I

the early 1900's bridge on Main Street above

On blog intro- wooden bridge circa 1800's

The bridge on Main Street over Crockery Creek has gone through many changes over the years....over MANY, MANY years. From a Wooden bridge in the 1800's to a iron/ steel covered bridge in the early 1900's and finally a concrete bridge built in 1940. It is time once again for change.

I came home from work on Monday night March 23rd and heard some loud THHUD!......THUD!....THUD! I wondered what was that it sounded right next to my house. I forgot...demolition of the bridge began today. I ran down to take some pictures.

The new bridge construction will take approximently 5 months with a tentative end date of September 1, 2009, with luck sooner. Thatcher Park at the foot of the bridge, mainly the parking lot will serve as a staging area for the construction company and equipment. There will be no way to get to the park while construction is under way and no reservations for parties and reunions in the park will be taken this summer. Conklin & Patterson Parks are still available for such parties. People who live south of the bridge and walk into town will have a long alternate walk through Musketawa trail the former railroad, into town to the north. Others will have to take to the back roads by car to get around.

The bridge construction is a 1.3 million dollar project with 95% paid for in grants, $200,000 for engineering fees are paid by village property taxes. The construction is contracted to Milbocker & Sons with some subcontracting for paving. The bridge will be wider with a nice sidewalk on the east side of the bridge for easier pedestrian access to the park.

For those coming from the south of town you will want to take Ellis Road West off Ravenna Road then to Blackmer Road North into town. You can then either take Crockery Creek Road east taking you right into downtown, or continue down Blackmer to Heights Ravenna Road to get north of town. I guess if you want to get out of town to the south...Blackmer to Ellis will be a busy time this summer south of town.....careful driving folks!

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