Feb 8, 2009

Welcome to the Ravenna blog

Another Day; Another Blog.....

This blog will be all about Ravenna Township, and the Village of Ravenna. Whatever is history, I will throw in. I have a lot of this and that right across the street, a ‘little’ time....and some crazy idea that I want to ‘blog it’. So lets see what I can find...

For those not familiar with Ravenna, the township is now located in the County of Muskegon in Michigan. Muskegon County lies along Lake Michigan. Might I add a tourism plug, beautiful along the lakeshore area anywhere you go. Ravenna is about 15 miles east of the city of Muskegon and 25 miles northwest of Grand Rapids, in Kent County.

Ravenna started as a lumbering and farming area. Today there are still thriving farms and several businesses in the township, some have been here for over 100 years.

The area known now as Ravenna Township was originally part of Muskegon Township, Ottawa County as early as 1837 and until 1849 when it was named Ravenna Township, Ottawa County, Town 9 North Range 14 West.

In 1850, Town 10 North Range 14 West was added to Ravenna Township. By 1859 Ottawa County was split and Muskegon County was created, now locating Ravenna Township in Muskegon County - Town 9 North Range 14 West. Moorland Township was then created in Muskegon County within Town 10 North Range 14 West.

This has confused a lot of people trying to find very early ancestors, not knowing they needed to search Ottawa County to 1859.

So this was the basics of the beginning....stay tuned for more...


  1. Ravenna is one of my ancestral locations. I'm very glad you've started this blog! :-)

  2. Oh good! Do tell more...maybe I can find something for you? I have the museum at my disposal....

  3. Thank you for your kind offer, Holly! I can't think of anything at the moment, but if you ever happen across anything on either the ROBBINS or HOLST families, let me know. While both actually ended up living in the Coopersville area for decades, both spent many years in the Ravenna - Conklin area. The HOLSTs owned property on Crockery Lake, which their daughter (my Grandmother Robbins) inherited. My grandfather built a summer cottage there. My grandfather's parents, Bill/Bryan and Marie Robbins were founders of the VFW post in Chester Township.

  4. I am the daughter of Ardis Anderson who is the daughter of Everett Anderson and Cecile Blackmer of Ravenna. I would appreciate and information you may have on the genealogy of the Anderson and Blackmer family histories.

    Paula Dasen, Mojave,Ca.

  5. Hi Paula, Please refer requests of research to Maryde Housler, located on the side bar of the blog. Contact her either via email address or the address indicated for the museum. Thanks.